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  • 2015 11-10
    New urbanization: create development opportunities for green building materials

         "Green Building Materials Development Urgent downstream interactive docking, strengthen standards, certification system, in order to meet the development needs of green building and building ene…

  • 2015 11-10
    The new investment catalog is published cement projects approved Cancel

           November 18, the State Council published the newly revised "The government approved investment project directory," canceled, 38 decentralized approval authority. It is worth noting that the ca…

  • 2015 11-10
    China's cement industry this year, the market situation was stable for the better

         In 2015 the new economic environment, China's cement industry will usher in what kind of development situation? Experts and scholars recently given answers: steady for the better.     First of a…

  • 2015 10-18
    Kevin Tsai to leave China's most popular talk show

    Kevin Tsai or Cai Kangyong, the host of the popular Taiwan comedy talk show "Kangxi Lai Le", has announces on his weibo that he is to leave the show. Tsai writes that he wants to do something differe…

  • 2015 10-18
    Online car services blamed for traffic jams

    A senior official of China's Ministry of Transport on Thursday partly blamed heavy traffic congestion on online car services, which may be a reason to regulate the online taxi industry, experts said.…

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