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  • New urbanization: create development opportunities for green building materials


         "Green Building Materials Development Urgent downstream interactive docking, strengthen standards, certification system, in order to meet the development needs of green building and building energy efficiency." Ministry of Industry and Raw Materials Division Deputy Inspector Lu Gui new on the 2014 China Building Materials Enterprise Development Forum held recently said that in the in the context of new town construction, green building materials usher good opportunities for development, but its development is seriously lagging behind the urgent need to strengthen the supporting construction standards, certification system.

         The Forum noted that from the historical stage, the 2011 building materials industries to grow stronger, relying on a strong new stage of development, from 2011 to 2020 is the building materials industry innovation to improve, a new stage of green development. Gui Lu said a new emerging urban construction needs to develop green buildings, the fundamental way is to take the road of industrialization building, promoting building materials industry dominated by the production of raw materials to processed products of the main changes.