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  • The new investment catalog is published cement projects approved Cancel


           November 18, the State Council published the newly revised "The government approved investment project directory," canceled, 38 decentralized approval authority. It is worth noting that the cancellation of many projects approved include cement production, iron and steel, nonferrous metals and other significant overcapacity in the industry.

          According to industry experts, the cement industry to cancel the approval, implementation record, mainly on account of the national cement production capacity of measures to curb show the effectiveness of the initial formation of Forced overcapacity exit the market environment, the abolition of approval to promote cement industry structure adjustment and transformation and upgradingIt will play a positive role.

         It is reported that, although the elimination of the approved investment directory, but according to the State Council "on resolving serious excess capacity contradictory guidance" document urged all localities and departments shall not in any name or in any way the record industry new cement production projects.